Lizard Lady Reptiles 

Animal Shows and Reptile Birthday Party in San Francisco, Stockton, Sacramento and all points in between!

At Lizard Lady Reptiles we have been the original reptile show in the northern San Francisco area since the early 90’s! We provide families and audiences of all ages with a one of a kind experience from San Francisco and Palo Alto all the way to San Jose. Celebrating our 30 years in business, we have given educational and interactive presentations since 1990!

Now offering reptile photoshoots!

Ask about our professional wrangler for your next next shoot!

We acquire a unique list of reptiles including snakes, tortoises and lizards. Our award winning entertainment is tailored to each of our audiences; anywhere from preschool all the way to high school and beyond. The Lizard Lady has experience as a preschool teacher and education in early childhood education. This has allowed us to develop a special program specifically for young children.

Our animal show offers a unique experience to enjoy and learn about our planet's endangered and exotic reptiles. We donate a percentage of our proceeds to help save the tropical rainforests. Here at Lizard Lady Reptiles, we are animal lovers who want to share the beauty and history of these reptiles. We provide a unique segment targeted at endangered rainforest reptiles, which we have been told is the best part of the show!

Birthday party ideas are always difficult for Mom and Dad to decide upon; we are perfect for dinosaur themed parties! We are experienced, insured and knowledgeable in early childhood education. Our tailored program offers children of all ages award winning entertainment while educating them about the awesome jobs reptiles do in helping us take care of our planet.

We also do a lot of public events including libraries, clubs, classrooms, preschools and summer camps; we have even presented at the Discovery Museum! As the wildlife experience that people love, we are proud to offer our presentations all around the San Francisco area for either ½ hour or 45 minutes shows. We allow everyone to get up close and personal, with the opportunity to pet and hold our reptiles for a unique experience.
Animal Shows and Reptile Birthday Party in San Francisco, California

Since 1990 we have been proud to provide the San Francisco Bay area with one of a kind reptile shows and share history about these beautiful, ancient creatures. Call Lizard Lady Reptiles today for your next birthday party or event for an awesome wildlife experience!

Hours Mon-Sun: 9AM to 5PM